Brain Champion Bob Kodzis

"To me ‘learning for life’ means remaining open to lessons from every possible direction. It means realizing that we have the potential to get better and smarter every day of our lives. It means that we have to pay attention. I believe the philosophy that when the student is ready, the teacher will appear. This student is ever-ready.”

Brain Champion Heather van Dyk

"I am always looking to expand my knowledge, or that of my students. The world is ever-changing and every day is a new lesson.”

Brain Champion Beth Gittess

"I am constantly looking for something to open up my mind. Once I feel I’ve mastered something, I have to leave it for awhile.”

Brain Champion Ed Rockwell

Despite the diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease, Ed Rockwell pursues activities that keep his mind busy. His life is affected by this disease; yet, Ed reports it hasn't stopped him in his tracks. With assistance from family and friends, active and happy days are still ahead.

The Neurobiology of Stress: Part 1

When it comes to the brain, the effects of stress can be both good and bad. Learn to tell the difference between the motivational aspects of good stress and the detrimental effects of bad stressors.

Better Surroundings Can Make a Better Brain

Your brain is stimulated by the physical and social environments to which it is exposed. Studied find a positive correlation between enriched environments and improved cognitive functioning.