Brain Champion Beth Gittess

OCCUPATION:  Accountant

What do you get when you combine a devoted accountant, a passionate mother, a charitable philanthropist, an adventurous voyager, a yoga enthusiast, and a registered respiratory therapist? You get Beth Gittess, Brain Health Champion Extraordinaire! Beth embodies all the principles of good brain health. When it comes to family, friends, health, and the pursuit of happiness, things just add up for this accountant.

Beth is driven. With a degree in respiratory therapy locked down, Beth returned to school to earn a Masters of Science in accounting. Her children were young when she re-entered college for her second degree. After graduation, Beth secured an accounting position with a local business and has been a working mom ever since.

Beside having a keen brain, Beth is known for her kind heart. Her willingness to go above and beyond for others is not surprising to her friends. For almost four years now, Beth hosts a knitting club every week at her home. In addition to which, she drives one older participant, who otherwise would not be able to attend, to and from her home before and after each meeting.

When Beth finally has time to focus on herself, she’s stirring up her creative genius in the kitchen. She also practices her hot yoga, or fearlessly ventures into the farthest corners of the world. In fact, when Beth wanted to travel the Amazon River and nobody would volunteer to go with her, she signed up with a group of strangers and did it on her own. She keeps the brain juices flowing with hiking, gardening and reading. She indulges in Sudoku in her downtime, though she’s gotten so accomplished with these puzzles she doesn’t do it much anymore. Once Beth masters something, this true champion moves on, challenging herself by trying new things to push her limits even further.

Personal Achievements

I lost 30 pounds through diet and exercise. I went back to college while my two children were still in school and earned a master’s degree.  I’ve traveled the world, and enjoy dedicating my time and efforts to helping others.

Personal Goals

My goal is to take on the daily challenges of life with a sense of humor and purpose. I always try to look for the next opportunity for personal growth.