Brain Champion Bob Kodzis

AGE: 50

OCCUPATION: Speaker, Performer, Facilitator, Writer, Artist, Entreprenuer, Improviser, Teacher, Creative Catalyst

An explorer, an experimenter and a performance artist in life, Bob Kodzis embodies the Brain Commandments in everything he does. As the founder, president and creative catalyst of Flight of Ideas (a creative think tank designed to help companies think outside of the tank), Bob helps organizations unleash their group genius. Though work keeps him busy, he insists on filling his life to the brim with even more creative pursuits.

He has a habit of collecting new skills. Though some of these skills prove to be useless, others have become lifelong passions (drawing, magic, improv performance). Not surprising, Bob believes in challenging himself every day – first with a crossword puzzle, then with the challenges of business and life. He keeps himself up to the challenge by eating well (“probably too well”) and exercises every day. In fact, he’s brewed up some of his best brainstorms while exercising

Most important, Bob believes in saying “yes” to most opportunities. This habit is what drove many of his proudest achievements. It’s what continues to drive him towards the personal goals that give him a purpose for getting up in the morning and keep him jazzed day long.


I have 28 years of marriage to the love of my life. Two amazing human beings created and trained: Devon and Sam. I ran a buy-one-get-one or buy-one-give-one deal last year, and gave away half of my professional services to good causes throughout our community. I moved to Florida 32 years ago with $400 and a guaranteed student loan; graduated UCF in three years, at the top of my class, completely self-funded. Finally, I offered a money-back guarantee since the day I opened my business 14 years ago. So far, every client I have ever served has been happy with my work.


Learn and grow every day. Love the people around me fully. Help people to do good things for each other and for the world. Increase the amount of laughter, understanding, communication, creativity and collaboration wherever I go. To be happy and to be free.