Quick Meditations to Incorporate into Your Day

Practice relaxation techniques to reduce your stress, clear your mind and boost your energy.

Brain Champion Justin Marcano

Justin Marcano will tell you he always wanted to learn to garden. Now, he gardens with gusto.

Cheating Ourselves of Sleep

Sometimes getting the right amount of sleep seems like an impossible task. If we sleep too little, our eyes are like paperweights fighting to stay open, and if we sleep too much, we walk around like zombies unable to function. Getting the right amount of sleep during the night affects how we think, feel, and perform the following day. Inadequate sleep can disrupt our memory, learning, creativity, and emotional stability, as well as our physical health. According to the article in the New York Times, "Cheating Ourselves of Sleep," sleep affects our metabolism, heart, and every tissue in our bodies. Check out this article to find out just how important it is to get the right amount of sleep!

Brain Benefits of Exercise Diminish After Short Rest

Your muscles might need a rest from a hard workout, but your brain does not. Before you skip out on your next exercise session, read this article and think about how your brain might be affected by inactivity.

Schedule Time for Social Engagement

Look at your weekly schedule and identify time you can spend…

Become a Jigsaw Genius

Jigsaw puzzles compel you to concentrate on multiple details…

Caffeine Consumption in Older Women Seems to Reduce Risk of Dementia

Downing your favorite caffeine beverage can pull you through the day's sluggish moments; but in women, age 65 and over, caffeine seems to have the added benefit of reducing the odds of developing dementia.