Become a Jigsaw Genius

Jigsaw puzzles compel you to concentrate on multiple details at one time.  Discern how one shape fits into another shape. Match the colors of the pieces or visualize how each piece fits into the theme of the larger picture. Surely these manipulations can dazzle even the most attentive of people. While few studies have been conducted on the benefits of jigsaw puzzles and brain health, jigsaw puzzle aficionados attest to the benefits of experimenting with the various colored shapes. Take on a challenging puzzle of 500 pieces or more to increase your concentration and alertness. Enhance your visual perception and glean the benefits of this relaxing exercise. By all means try it out. Work on a picture puzzle by yourself and feel the meditative effects of a de-stressing exercise. Work on it with others and turn it into a social engagement activity. Either way, you are working your brain!

There are many kinds of jigsaw puzzles besides the traditional ones that lay flat. Step-up your puzzling assembly efforts with some more advanced options. Somewhere, out there is a puzzle just for you.

3-D puzzles add a new level of challenge by allowing you to create amazing 3-D objects that require no glue. These puzzles need to be solved in a certain order; some pieces won’t fit in if others are already in place.

WASGIJ (jigsaw spelled backwards) is a real twist on the traditional puzzle! The WASGIJ puzzle box is only a clue to the jigsaw puzzle you want to put together. The is an addictively unique jigsaw puzzle brand where the puzzle is never the illustration you see on the box. Instead, the puzzle is always what the people you see on the box are looking at. Solve the mystery while you solve the puzzle. It certainly takes some creative thinking to work this puzzle!

Double-sided puzzles give you the opportunity to solve a puzzle from both sides. It also offers a different level of complexity because you can’t be sure you are viewing the right side of the piece for the side of the puzzle you are attempting to solve!