Quick Meditations to Incorporate into Your Day

You’re in the midst of a busy day with no chance for significant down time. Slogging through the day’s activities without a second to reboot your energy or mood. You’re exhausted, wound-up and stressed out. What you need is a reset button; something to cap your nerves, something to revive your energy; that is exactly where meditative and relaxation techniques come into play.

For many people, relaxation means taking a nap or zoning out in front of the television but these activities do little to effectively alleviate stress. Whether you choose yoga, deep breathing, visualization or other techniques, real stress reducing strategies trigger the body’s natural response to mental and physical strain.

Once you become adept at meditation or relaxation you’ll discover the few minutes you spend are well worth your time.

Consider the general health benefits:
  • Your metabolism decreases
  • Your heart rate and breathing rate slow down
  • Your blood pressure decreases
  • Your stress hormone activity is reduced
  • Your fatigue is lessened
Now consider the cognitive benefits:
  • Your concentration improves
  • Your mood improves
  • Your levels of frustration and anger are reduced

?So what are you waiting for? Watch the different instructional videos from AARP 5 Minute Relaxation Meditation and 10 Minute Guided Imagery – The Garden to reduce your stress and find a renewed sense of calm. With a little practice you can make these exercises part of your daily routine.

Meditations for Caregivers co-author Julie Mayer offers these guided meditations to relieve stress and stay calm and focused.