Challenge Keeps You on Top of Your Game

Do you want to improve a skill, such as how to juggle, finger…

Get Your Children Moving – It May Just Improve Their Grades

When children and adolescents participate in the recommended level of physical activity — at least 60 minutes daily — multiple health benefits occur. Most youths, however, do not engage in recommended levels of physical activity. Regular physical activity builds healthy bones and muscle, reduces the risk for developing chronic disease, improves self-esteem, and so much more.

Thinking on Your Feet

The eight hour work day lends itself to a lot of sitting. We know movement is better for your health than staying idle but now scientists want to know whether taking a break from sitting makes you think better.

The Science of Accomplishing Your Goals

During the holiday season, many of us are preoccupied with setting goals, forming new habits and affirming resolutions for the New Year. Following through with these self-promises is not always easy considering how much the brain loves routine over novelty. Don't get stuck in a rut. Follow this advice to change up the way your brain thinks and to get a leg up when it comes to accomplishing your goals.