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“OMMM” Your Way to a Peaceful Mind

Stress is an inevitable part of life that everybody deals with in their own way. In order to relax you might prefer to go for a walk, read a book, or breathe heavily into a brown paper bag, but either way stress can take a heavy toll on your body and mind. Next time your daily stressors are just too much to handle, don’t rip your hair out; yoga is an easy and beneficial alternative to relieve your stress.

Brain Champion Bob Kodzis

“To me ‘learning for life’ means remaining open to lessons from every possible direction. It means realizing that we have the potential to get better and smarter every day of our lives. It means that we have to pay attention. I believe the philosophy that when the student is ready, the teacher will appear. This student is ever-ready.”

Brain Champion Ed Rockwell

Despite the diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease, Ed Rockwell pursues activities that keep his mind busy. His life is affected by this disease; yet, Ed reports it hasn’t stopped him in his tracks. With assistance from family and friends, active and happy days are still ahead.