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Sharpen Your Sensory Memory and Sharpen Your Recall

Struggling to recall a memory may occur because you failed to register what was going on during the original experience. Thus, it is important to enhance your memory by paying more attention to your sensory experiences. When you put clear images into your mind about what you see, hear, touch, taste and smell, the easier […]

Eat Popcorn with Chopsticks

When something seems new, people pay more attention to it. And when people pay more attention to something enjoyable, they tend to enjoy it more. So, why not eat popcorn with chopsticks or sip cold water out of a martini glass? You can even eat a pizza in an unconventional way. Forego the usual way […]

Feeling Young Could Mean Your Brain is Aging More Slowly

While some people are young at heart, others feel older than their age — and a recent study finds that this ‘subjective age’ may reflect brain aging. Researchers found that elderly people who feel younger than their age had a younger estimated brain age, compared with those who felt their age, or older than their age. The study is the first to find a link between brain aging and subjective age.

Cat Napping in the Afternoon

Napping in the afternoon boosts cognition, especially word-recall. According to Johns Hopkins Medicine, the ideal nap should last between 20 to 40 minutes. Limiting the amount of time you nap will help you avoid feeling groggy after you wake up and will ensure you don’t have trouble falling asleep at night. So when your eyelids […]