Trouble with Memorizing? Try These Strategies!

There are many tricks and strategies that you can use to help your brain remember information.

Be Creative by Cultivating Divergent Thinking

Are you a creative thinker? Divergent thinking is the mental muscle behind your creativity. Learn more about it here.

Four Ways Binge-Watching Television Hurts our Brain

Binge-watching TV shows can create an unhealthy environment for the brain due to social isolation, sleep deprivation and unhealthy eating habits.

Learn Daily Strategies to Improve Memory

There are memory techniques that you can employ everyday to improve your memory. These strategies can work within a week if you practice them consistently, turning them into habits.

Stop Nightly Brain Rumination and Sleep

A good night’s sleep is the best way to put your brain in working order. Though for some, actually falling asleep can be an elusive dream. Putting one’s head on the pillow does not always lead to a soft departure into the world of nod. Rather it can be the start of a brain rumination. […]

Tooth Brushing Meditation

Brush your teeth and meditate!

Hearing Loss is Linked to Memory Loss

Your memory loss may be connected to a hearing impairment.

Make the Connection

Do you have a hard time remembering names? You’re not alone. It was once thought the brain stored memories in something similar to a computerized network. When you wanted to recall something, your brain would access the correct file and find the memory you sought. Now it’s recognized that memory is really  more complex and […]

Why Effective Practice Is Just As Important As the Hours of Practice

Practice is an important part of becoming skilled at anything, which may be why there are so many axiom’s like “practice makes perfect” floating around common parlance. But what’s happening in the brain when we practice? Researchers believe that practice helps build up the protective layer of myelin, the fatty substance that protects axons in […]

Sharpen Your Sensory Memory and Sharpen Your Recall

Struggling to recall a memory may occur because you failed to register what was going on during the original experience. Thus, it is important to enhance your memory by paying more attention to your sensory experiences. When you put clear images into your mind about what you see, hear, touch, taste and smell, the easier […]