Keep Up With Old Hobbies and Start New Ones

Dust off those dancing shoes.  Make music with that instrument tucked away in the closet. Pull out that sewing machine or crack open those foreign language books from high school because the more you engage, the more neural connections your brain will make and maintain. Richard Restak, in his book, Think Smart, estimates 40% of […]

Become a Jigsaw Genius

Jigsaw puzzles compel you to concentrate on multiple details at one time.  Discern how one shape fits into another shape. Match the colors of the pieces or visualize how each piece fits into the theme of the larger picture. Surely these manipulations can dazzle even the most attentive of people. While few studies have been […]

The Potency of Poetry

There is nothing like a good poem to make you think strongly about something. Reading poetry brings tears to the eyes, smiles to the lips and challenges the mental acuity of the brain. Being involved with poetry compels you to think outside the box.  Sign up today with the Academy of Poets and receive a […]

Wind-Down at Lunch and Mentally Recharge

Does your lunch time usually consist of a quick bite at your desk or a grab-n-go meal while driving? If so, it’s time to slow down your busy schedule and take back your lunch break. The noon meal is your opportunity to relax and mentally recharge for the remainder of the day. Whether you enjoy […]

Don’t Just Absorb. Engage!

The next time you watch a movie or read a book, don’t let the experience end after the credits roll or the last page is turned. Take some time to write down your own impressions of the material. Think of three alternate endings. Introduce the work to a friend and encourage them to discuss their […]

Mix Up Your Routine

When you do the same thing day in and day out, it’s very easy for activities to become mindless. Breaking the pattern forces your brain to activate your attention skills. So whether it’s taking a new route to work, trying a new machine at the gym, or cooking a dish you’ve never cooked before, try […]

Tune Out to Tune In

Concentration does not always come easy for everyone. Find out how we undermine our own efforts to concentrate.