Phylis Moore, Altruistic to the Core

Who is Phylis Moore? When you first meet Phylis Moore, her soft-spoken…

Brain Champions Melodie and Howie Griffin

Not many mothers and young sons are exercise partners which is why you need to meet Melodie and Howie Griffin.

Brain Champions Nanci Adler and Don Crowell

Nanci and Don enjoy cycling for its physical benefits but, unlike most people, they take this brain healthy activity to new heights.

Brain Champion Justin Marcano

Justin Marcano will tell you he always wanted to learn to garden. Now, he gardens with gusto.

Brain Champion Cathy Michaelson Lieblich

A champion of causes and people, Cathy is one socially engaged woman. She is not one to flit from project to project but steadily uses her relationships and past experiences to build upon her life’s work.

Brain Champion Bob Kodzis

"To me ‘learning for life’ means remaining open to lessons from every possible direction. It means realizing that we have the potential to get better and smarter every day of our lives. It means that we have to pay attention. I believe the philosophy that when the student is ready, the teacher will appear. This student is ever-ready.”

Brain Champion Heather van Dyk

"I am always looking to expand my knowledge, or that of my students. The world is ever-changing and every day is a new lesson.”

Brain Champion Beth Gittess

"I am constantly looking for something to open up my mind. Once I feel I’ve mastered something, I have to leave it for awhile.”

Brain Champion Ed Rockwell

Despite the diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease, Ed Rockwell pursues activities that keep his mind busy. His life is affected by this disease; yet, Ed reports it hasn't stopped him in his tracks. With assistance from family and friends, active and happy days are still ahead.

Brain Champion Jean Carolan

Travelers explore the world, seeking out adventure and knowledge. Athletes dedicate their lives and bodies to their passion. Volunteers devote their time and services, finding purpose in helping others. Jean Carolan is all of these things and more. Jean Carolan is a true Brain Health Champion.