The Proof that Noise Hurts and Silence Heals

Constantly being bombarded by noise is a stressor for the brain. Silence nourishes the brain giving it time to rest and recover.

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Get a Hobby – It’s Good For You

In your quest for a balanced life, have you neglected your hobbies? As children, we are experts at finding hobbies. We play sports, take dance and music lessons, collect action figures and spend our days learning everything from languages to wood shop. But somewhere on the path to adulthood, we stop trying new things and spend less time on our non-career interests. It’s not too late. Use this guide to get inspired, spark your interests and follow your passion toward a new hobby.

How Your Breath Controls Your Mood and Attention

New research explores the relationship between the pace and intentionality of your breathing, and the brain networks involved in mood, attention, and body awareness.

Exercises to Strengthen Your Attention and Reduce Distractibility

Our attention gets hijacked by distractions, from the stress in our lives to the ding of our phones. Neuroscientist, Amishi Jha, shows how we can cultivate the ability to focus on what really matters.

Aging in harmony: why the third act of life should be musical

Without exception, playing music has value for people of all ages. However, for older adults, learning to play a musical instrument offers significant cognitive benefits.

How Weight Training Changes the Brain

In animals, weight training appeared to promote the creation of new neurons in the memory centers of the brain.

Why Spending Time With Friends Is One of the Best Things You Can Do for Your Health

When it comes to overall well-being and mental health, your social connections are just as important as your physical health says a new study.