Meditation and Breathing Exercises Can Sharpen Your Mind

It has long been claimed by Yogis and Buddhists that meditation and ancient breath-focused practices, such as pranayama, strengthen our ability to focus on tasks. A new study by researchers at Trinity College Dublin explains for the first time the neurophysiological link between breathing and attention.

This is your brain on solitude: Why alone time is what you need, now

Putting real time aside for reflection and solitude is something your brain will benefit from.

The Neuroscience of Building a Resilient Brain

Resilience depends on how well your brain handles stress, and it can be learned.

There is such a thing as waking up on the wrong side of the bed, according to science

Waking up feeling stressed and anxious can impact your cognitive function throughout the day. A new study reveals that those who woke up feeling as though the day ahead would be stressful experienced problems with working memory later in the day.

Can a Nap Boost Brain Health?

Short day-time naps are restorative, brain-boosting and don't have to interfere with a good night's sleep.

The Busier You are, the More You Need Quiet Time

Sometimes you just have to turn off the noise and hear the silence. Why? Because clearing your mind of the chatter boosts creativity and novel thinking.

Quick Meditations to Incorporate into Your Day

Practice relaxation techniques to reduce your stress, clear your mind and boost your energy.

Cheating Ourselves of Sleep

Sometimes getting the right amount of sleep seems like an impossible task. If we sleep too little, our eyes are like paperweights fighting to stay open, and if we sleep too much, we walk around like zombies unable to function. Getting the right amount of sleep during the night affects how we think, feel, and perform the following day. Inadequate sleep can disrupt our memory, learning, creativity, and emotional stability, as well as our physical health. According to the article in the New York Times, "Cheating Ourselves of Sleep," sleep affects our metabolism, heart, and every tissue in our bodies. Check out this article to find out just how important it is to get the right amount of sleep!

Relax: Your Brain Deserves It

There are three proven techniques for stress management. Try one or all three to see which method helps quiet your mind to relax.

10 Ways to Work Brain Health into the Workplace

Recharge your mental batteries by slipping some exercise and stress reduction strategies into your hectic work day.