Volunteering: Good for the Community and for You

Whether you make small changes in your neighborhood or launch a campaign to change the world, there are thousands of ways to contribute to society. Volunteering is a do good, feel good activity and it’s no surprise that something that feels so good has proven benefits for brain health.

Greater Purpose in Life and Brain Health

Good ol’ Norman Vincent Peale convinced the world a long time ago that there is power in positive thinking, but even he might have been surprised to know that there may be neurological benefits, as well. In a recent and much publicized study (Boyle, 2012), patients with the physical indicators of Alzheimer’s disease — amyloid, tangles, and other pathologic changes revealed by brain scan — were assessed annually for both cognitive ability and “purpose in life.”

Get Motivated to Find Your Motivation

Motivation involves more than self-talk. It is a brain-directed activity. Find out the steps to switch on your get-up-and-go.

“OMMM” Your Way to a Peaceful Mind

Stress is an inevitable part of life that everybody deals with in their own way. In order to relax you might prefer to go for a walk, read a book, or breathe heavily into a brown paper bag, but either way stress can take a heavy toll on your body and mind. Next time your daily stressors are just too much to handle, don’t rip your hair out; yoga is an easy and beneficial alternative to relieve your stress.

Make Family Time, Work Out Time

Double the benefits of sharing precious time with those you love while engaging in activities that are healthy. Get moving with these fun activities and encourage your family to get active right along with you.

The Neurobiology of Stress: Part 1

When it comes to the brain, the effects of stress can be both good and bad. Learn to tell the difference between the motivational aspects of good stress and the detrimental effects of bad stressors.

Better Surroundings Can Make a Better Brain

Your brain is stimulated by the physical and social environments to which it is exposed. Studied find a positive correlation between enriched environments and improved cognitive functioning.