How Being Creatively Funny Changes the Brain

When your sense of humor is tickled, what happens to your brain? How does the brain respond? Researchers at the University of Southern California pinpoint the regions of the brain that spark during the telling of a funny story.

Brain Games Claim Fail A Big Scientific Test

When a team of researchers evaluated the scientific literature on brain games, they found little evidence that the products improve memory or thinking in real-world tasks.

How Your BMI Might Affect Your Brain Function

According to researchers at the University of Arizona, older adults with higher BMI (body mass index) tend to have more inflammation in the body, which in turn may negatively impact cognition.

Healthy Living Equals Better Brain Function

A healthy lifestyle may help to increase executive function, a new study reports.

Caffeine Consumption in Older Women Seems to Reduce Risk of Dementia

Downing your favorite caffeine beverage can pull you through the day's sluggish moments; but in women, age 65 and over, caffeine seems to have the added benefit of reducing the odds of developing dementia.

Vitamin B12 as Protection for the Aging Brain

If you are 50 years or older, you might want to consider the benefits of B12 supplements for your aging brain.

Harvard Researchers Unveil New Alzheimer’s Theory

Harvard University research group published a study, where they believe that they may have found the root of Alzheimer's disease. The focus of the study is Amyloid Beta proteins which form Beta-Amyloid plaques.

Lewy Body Dementia Drug Trial to be Hosted at FAU

Florida Atlantic University researchers will test a drug to treat dementia with Lewy bodies; the same disease diagnosed in actor Robin Williams after his death.

Staying Mentally Active May Delay Alzheimer’s Symptoms But Underlying Disease Persists

Staying mentally active in middle age may delay the symptoms of Alzheimer's but, ultimately, not the progressive nature of the underlying disease.

Bat Brain Behavior Offers Key insights into How We Focus Our Attention

With so many sounds in the world, how does the brain decide where to focus its attention? Researchers at Johns Hopkins think bats' brain hold some answers.