Lewy Body Dementia Drug Trial to be Hosted at FAU

Florida Atlantic University researchers will test a drug to treat dementia with Lewy bodies; the same disease diagnosed in actor Robin Williams after his death.

Staying Mentally Active May Delay Alzheimer's Symptoms But Underlying Disease Persists

Staying mentally active in middle age may delay the symptoms of Alzheimer's but, ultimately, not the progressive nature of the underlying disease.

Bat Brain Behavior Offers Key insights into How We Focus Our Attention

With so many sounds in the world, how does the brain decide where to focus its attention? Researchers at Johns Hopkins think bats' brain hold some answers.

Possible Alzheimer's Biomarker

The discovery of a new biomarker, the levels of which can be monitored in routine blood tests, is a step forward in the effort to develop an effective screening and diagnostic tool for Alzheimer's disease.

Past Experiences Affect Recognition, Memory: U of G Study

New research from the University of Guelph on the brain and memory…

Why Rest Following A Concussion is Critical

A concussion is not something to laugh off but a serious injury requiring post traumatic interventions. See how rest is requisite for concussive recovery.

Education and the Brain: What Happens When Children Learn?

At what age do executive skills develop in young children? This study highlights the remarkable learning stage that children undergo between the ages of two and five.