Don’t waste your time dawdling, try doodling instead! Doodling works the parietal and frontal lobes of the brain.  To get the best mental workout, focus on creating new and innovative designs.  The first goal is to draw abstract designs only. Avoid drawing anything you can put a name to such as a heart, triangle, star or arrow.  Give yourself a time limit of five minutes and see how many novel doodles you can draw.  Think Smart, 2009.  Next, doodle different designs for the same symbol.  For example, draw five distinctly different versions of a birdhouse or a cat.

For your next challenge, copy these simple line drawings.  Each drawing gets progressively more difficult. Sketch these images free hand, the way they appear on your screen. The next step is to push your level of concentration and draw these same pictures in reverse.

Click each drawing to enlarge.

See reverse drawings

Click to enlarge.